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Accessing Information

All documentation can also be made available in various languages and different formats including braille, audio tape and large print, please contact to access this.

Policies and publications

For a list of CCG Policies and Procedures please click here

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AGM Presentation 2017/18

AGM Evaluation 2017/18


AGM Presentation 2016/17

AGM Evaluation 2016/17


AGM Presentation 2015/16

AGM Evaluation 2015/16

AGM Presentation 2014/15

AGM Evaluation 2014/15

AGM Presentation 2013/14

AGM Evaluation 2013/14


Annual Audit Letter 2017/18

Annual Audit Letter 2017/16

Annual Audit Letter 2016/15

Annual Audit Letter 2014/15

Annual Audit Letter 2013/14


Annual Report and Accounts 2018/19

Annual Report and Accounts 2017/18

Annual Report and Accounts 2016/17

Annual Report and Accounts 2015/16

Annual Report and Accounts 2014/15

Annual Report and Accounts 2013/14

This annual report and financial accounts highlights the work of the CCG


Annual Reporter 2017/18

Annual Reporter 2016/17

Annual Reporter 2015/16

Annual Reporter 2014/15

A public-friendly summary of some of the achievements of the NHS Scarborough and Ryedale CCG.


Ambition for Health, Transforming health and social care services in Scarborough, Ryedale, Bridlington and Filey - The Vision

Ambition for Health is a five-year programme to deliver joined-up and transformed health and social care services for local people, in a way that is effective and financially sustainable. The programme is a collaboration between eight local NHS and local authority organisations, and covers the Scarborough, Ryedale, Bridlington and Filey areas.  Further information about the programme can be found here.



Building the Right Support Across York and North Yorkshire

This document is local strategic plan aimed at transforming services for people of all ages with a learning disability and/or autism who display behaviour that challenges, including those with a mental health condition, in line with Building the Right Support – a national plan to develop community services and close inpatient facilities (NHS England, LGA, ADASS, 2015). This plan covers 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19.



CCG Assurance Annual Assessment (E)

NHS England has a statutory duty (under the Health and Social Care Act (2012)) to conduct an annual assessment of every CCG the results of which are published on NHS England's website.


Commissioning 'plan on a page' 2013/14

Our 'plan on a page' presents a simple overview of the key projects and initiatives we aim to deliver during 2013/14.


Committee Terms of Reference

Please click below to view the CCG Committee's Terms of References


Communications and Engagement Strategy 2016-2019

This document sets out how we communicate and engage with patients and partners. It contains our aims and objectives over the next three years, as well as some of our priorities.


Constitution (NHS Scarborough and Ryedale CCG's)

Our Constitution represents all GP practices in our CCG. It sets out how we will work together as a membership organisation to deliver our aspirationUnlinks as the lead commissioner of health services in the area.



Director of Public Health Annual Report 2017 (North Yorkshire County Council) (E)

The director of public health report highlights some of our key priority areas. It provides a snapshot of where we are now and celebrates the wide variety of actions currently being carried out to improve the health of the population in North Yorkshire. It also contains recommendations to guide efforts over the next year to improve the health of people in North Yorkshire and reduce health inequalities between communities.

The 2017 report focuses on Healthy transitions; Growing old in North Yorkshire



Equality and Diversity Publications

Details of the CCG's commitment to Equality and Diversity, including:

  • Equality and Diversity Strategy
  • Workforce Race Equality Standards Reports
  • Equality Delivery System Assessment
  • Equality Impact Analysis templates


Estates Plan

This paper provides a summary of the CCG local estate strategy review process and the proposals to support the NHS five year forward view



Freedom of Information Reports

2018/19 - Year End Summary

2017/18 - Year End Summary

2016/17 - Year End Summary 

2015/16 - Year End Summary

2014/15 - Year End Summary

2013/14 - Year End Summary


Future in Mind Local Transformation Plan

Local Transformation Plan refresh 2017




Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

A list of commonly used terms and abbreviations and their definitions.


Governing Body Papers

Papers for the CCG's Governing Body are published on the website here.


GP Patient Survey

The GP Patient Survey is an England-wide survey, providing practice-level data about patients’ experiences of their GP practices.  This document presents some of the key results for GP Practices in the Scarborough and Ryedale area.



Health and Wellbeing Committee Papers

A committee managed by North Yorkshire County Council which provides strategic leadership and encourages integrated working between health and social care and oversee where appropriate partnership arrangements such as pooled budgets.


Healthcare Provider Penalties

The Quarter 1 2015/16 Healthcare provider penalties sheet displays the value of penalty that the CCG has applied to each of its main Healthcare Providers against national and locally defined performance targets.


Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives:
Tackling overweight and obesity in North Yorkshire 2016 - 2026

The Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives Strategy has been developed by North Yorkshire County Council to help deliver the aims and ambitions of the North Yorkshire health and wellbeing board - that 'People in all communities in North Yorkshire have equal opportunities to live long healthy lives'.

As a signatory to this strategy the CCG have made a commitment to work together with the other signatories to support local systems to achieve continuous improvements in the prevalence of overweight and obesity across the population of North Yorkshire.


The Humber Coast and Vale Sustainability Transformation Plan (E)

The Humber Coast and Vale Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) is a set of proposals put forward by a partnership of local authorities, NHS commissioners and providers and other community based organisations. NHS Scarborough and Ryedale Clinical Commissioning Group is one of the partners.


Health Profile (E)

Health Profiles is a programme to improve availability and accessibility for health and health-related information in England. The profiles give a snapshot overview of health for each local authority in England. Health Profiles are produced annually and can be found here.



Individual Funding Requests (Exceptional Treatments)


Information Governance Framework and Strategy

The Information Governance Framework and Strategy describes the management arrangements that will deliver Information Governance assurance within NHS Scarborough and Ryedale CCG.


Information Governance Handbook

This handbook provides staff with a brief introduction to Information Governance and summarises the key user procedures that have been developed to support Information Governance in the organisation. The aim of this booklet is to ensure that staff are aware of your roles and responsibilities for Information Governance.


Integrated Commissioning Plan 2012/16

This document presents our plans for the coming three years and sets out the evidence on which they are based.


IMT Strategy

The CCG's IMT strategy is intended to provide direction over the next three years (2015 – 2018) for the CCG and its GP practices, and will be revised and enhanced as the CCG develops.



Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (E)

The Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy is produced by the Health and Wellbeing Board.  It explains what health and wellbeing priorities the board has set in order to tackle the needs identified in the joint strategic needs assessment. It is not about taking action on everything at once, but about setting priorities for joint action and making a real impact on people's lives.


Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) (E)

A joint strategic needs assessment, often referred to by its abbreviation JSNA, brings together local authorities, the community and voluntary sector service users and NHS partners to research and agree a comprehensive local picture of health and wellbeing needs. It also supports and encourages organisations to work together when developing services.




Local Digital Roadmap

Digital healthcare looks at how developments in technology can benefit provision and transform the delivery of healthcare. The Local Digital Roadmap, (LDR), initiative is the NHS response to the government’s vision of joined up, paper-free health and social care services by 2020.

In September 2015, a three-step process to achieve this work began, requiring health and social care to work together to develop local plans to deliver this vision.

Step 1

Organisation of local commissioners, providers and social care partners into LDR footprints. Together, the Vale of York and Scarborough and Ryedale form a footprint and have developed a joint LDR. These plans are being coordinated with plans from two other LDR footprints within the Humber, Coast and Vale Sustainability Transformation Plan (STP) location.

Step 2

NHS providers within LDR footprints completed a Digital Maturity Self-assessment.

Step 3

Development of LDRs to set out how the ambition of ‘paper-free at the point of care’ by 2020 will be delivered.

The CCG is now at Stage 3 and plans are evolving to deliver key aspirations, to ensure that:

Health and social care organisations have the capability to be effective digital users and have the ability to share information to provide seamless care;

The technology is available and deployed to connect all organisations to support transformational delivery of  care plans; and

Individuals have secure digital access to personal health and social care records.

The roadmap is a living document and will evolve as plans mature and develop between now and 2020.

The CCG’s initial assessment and plan is available here.



MacMillan Annual Report 2018

This is the annual report providing information on the activities of the Macmillan Lead GP for NHS Scarborough and Ryedale CCG over the last year.

Media dashboards


News Releases




NHS Constitution for England (E)


NHS Constitution – Policy Statement

Scarborough & Ryedale Clinical Commissioning Group (the CCG) is committed to promoting the NHS Constitution and to achieving the principles, values, rights, pledges and responsibilities outlined.  The CCG also acknowledges it is required by law to take account of the NHS Constitution when making decisions and taking actions.

The Constitution is renewed every 10 years and the accompanying Handbook to the Constitution at least every 3 years.


NHS Structure (E)

The Kings Fund has produced a useful series of organograms to explain how the NHS in England is now structured, including how providers are regulated, who can influence the commissioning of services and how the money flows.


NICE Technology Appraisals about Medicines: Formulary Adherence Checklist

The Formulary Adherence Checklist for NICE Technology Appraisals is a national initiative used to monitor an organisation’s compliance with NICE TA recommendations for medicines.


North Yorkshire Autism Strategy 2015-2020 (E)

A North Yorkshire wide strategy has been produced to improve the lives of adults and their carers living with autism. Approximately one per cent of the population nationally has an autistic spectrum disorder. This means that there will an estimated 6,000 people in North Yorkshire with autism.


North Yorkshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessmentst (E)

The aim of these documents is to provide an annual update and identification of new areas of need across North Yorkshire and the Clinical Commissioning Group localities.


Notification of Infect Disease Form (NOID's)

Health Protection Notification of Infect Disease Form (NOID's)



Operational Plan 2016-17

A reminder of some of the CCG's strategic aims, along with an operational plan for 2016-17.


Operational Scheme of Delegation

The delegations set out in the detailed scheme of delegation represent the lowest level to which authority for that specific issue has been delegated.


Overview and Scrutiny Committee for Health Papers (E)

A North Yorkshire County Council Committee which reviews any matter relating to the planning, provision and operation of health services in the County. The aim is to act as a lever to improve the health of local people, ensuring that the needs of the local people are considered as an integral part of the delivery and development of health services



Patient Group Directions (E)

Patient Group Directions (PGDs) consist of a legal framework allowing some health care professionals to supply and administer medicines to groups of patients that fit the criteria laid out in the PGD. A health care professional could supply and/or administer a medicine directly to a patient without the need for a prescription or an instruction from a prescriber.

PGDs allow the supply and administration of specified medicines to patients who fall into a group defined in the PGD.  The PGDs listed have been authorised by NHS England North Yorkshire and Humber local area team.


Patient Prospectus 2014


Patient Prospectus 2013

The latest version of our patient prospectus with details of who we are, what we do and our priorities for the next five years.


(North Yorkshire) Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2015-18 (E)

Following consultation on the draft pharmaceutical needs assessment report which ended on 12 January, a revised final version of the report was approved for publication by the North Yorkshire health and wellbeing board during their February 2015 meeting.




Referral Support Service

These pages provide details of all the CCG's referral criteria and commissioning positions for treatments.


Registers of Declarations of Interest, Sponsorship and Gifts and Hospitality

This page provides details of the declarations of interest by senior managers in the CCG and gifts and hospitality offered to staff at the CCG.


Register of Procurement Decisions

This document below provides information about contracts we have awarded. It includes:

  • the name of the provider awarded the contract
  • a description of the health care services to be provided under the contract
  • an indication of the financial value of the contract
  • the length of the contract
  • a description of the process adopted for selecting the provider(s)

Research and Development Quarterly Reports

Right Care First Time - Urgent Care Consultation Report May 2014

Right Care First Time - Urgent Care Consultation Report Easy Read



Safeguarding Adults Strategy

This strategy sets out the priorities in relation to safeguarding adults at risk of abuse or neglect which supports the overall vision, strategy and objectives of each above named CCG. 


Safeguarding Children (E)

The North Yorkshire Safeguardig Children Board's website publishes the latest information, policies and procedures for the public and professionals.


Schedule of Funds to Support System Resilience

In line with the Guidance for 2014/15, funds for System resilience schemes, a proportion of the costs of emergency admissions above the level seen in 2008/9, plus readmissions within 30 days of discharge, are retained by the CCG for investment into schemes to promote system resilience, and reduce non elective admissions and readmissions. The attached document is the CCG’s plan for use of these funds in 2014/15.


Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

The CCG is committed to working with local partners to improve our practice in combatting slavery and human trafficking and to raise awareness, disrupt and respond to Modern Slavery.

As a local leader in commissioning health care services for the population of Scarborough and Ryedale area and as an employer, the CCG provides this statement in respect of its commitment to, and efforts in, preventing slavery and human trafficking practices in the supply chain and employment practices.


Spend over £25k

A monthly-updated list of all financial transactions spending over £25,000 made by NHS Scarborough and Ryedale CCG is available here as part of the Government's commitment to transparency in expenditure.


Strategic Commissioning Plan 2014 - 2019

This plan outlines our commissioning priorities between 2014 and 2019


Sustainable Development Management Plan

Sustainability Action Plan

Details of the CCGs plans for delivering sustainability.


Transformation Plan for Children and Young People's Mental Health - 2017

An update and 'refresh' of the four North Yorkshire CCGs plan for children's and young people's mental health.




Whos's Who in Health and Social Care October 2016

Produced by Regional Voices the Who’s Who in Yorkshire & Humber Guide is designed to help voluntary and community sector organisations identify and make contact with people in health and care structures in Yorkshire and the Humber.



'Your Health, Your Say' summary report

'Your health, your say' was an initiative we held in the run up to becoming an authorised NHS organisation.

The aim was for us to share the priorities identified in our overarching commissioning strategy with members of the public to get their views and hear about some of their experiences.

This report provides a summary of what we did and what people told us.


Your Information

Information about what information the CCG collects about you.