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Paediatricians are doctors who manage medical conditions affecting infants, children and young people.

For GPs and health professionals

Paediatrics Hotline Numbers

Urgent contact for both the Duty Consultant and Registrar is via Scarborough Hospital Switchboard and bleep system if mobile route not available or unsuccessful.

Urgent Cases

Paediatric consultant Advice: 07557 893757

Eg. Uncertain about emergency healthcare pathway for care or treatment of a child

Referral for Same day assessment or admission: Contact 07795 520138

Eg. Acute care assessment or admissions of children

Emerging problems with a timely response needed

Paediatric consultant advice

  • If currently under consultant care contact direct via secretary or community nursing team
  • If not under consultant care enquire via electronic Advice and Guidance

Assessment Urgent referral to be made

(for both of the above consider whether this needs a high level response time – use urgent case route if unclear)


All other advice and guidance requests please use the electronic advice and guidance route. For consultant case specific advice contact direct by their phone or email address

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