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Adult Autism and ADHD

ADHD is common in people with autism. If someone has ADHD, they have significant difficulties with things like poor attention, over-activity and impulsiveness.

ADHD can cause difficulties at school, work or home – but it is treatable. If you have autism and think that you may also have ADHD, it’s important to have an assessment with a specialist doctor who is familiar with both conditions. They will then be able to discuss your assessment and the treatment options.

There's more information about autism and ADHD on the National Autistic Society website.

We are in the process of recommissioning the services currently available to adults who have been diagnosed with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The North Yorkshire NHS Autism and ADHD Assessment Service is currently provided by The Tuke Centre, York. The referral criteria for GPs and healthcare professionals is available, here and the referral form is here.

The Pathway for Adults 18+ requesting an assesment for the diagnosis of ADHD or Autism is here.

The AQ-10 form is available to download, here.

The Wender Utah Rating Scale is available to download, here.

North Yorkshire Autism and ADHD Assessment Service

Referral criteria /commissioning position

Undertaking a diagnostic assessment is a challenging process for anybody and talking about past experiences and receiving a diagnosis can evoke many emotions. It is important that you think carefully with the patient whether it is the right time for them to have an assessment, therefore we ask that you consider the following criteria:

  • Person is 18 years old or above at the time of the referral.
  • Person is not at significant risk to self-i.e. is sufficiently stable enough to keep himself/herself safe throughout the assessment and is not currently engaging in high levels of self-harm or attempts on own life.
  • Person is not at risk of harming others such that the assessor or other people accessing the service will be safe from physical abuse.
  • Person’s substances and/or alcohol use is not at a level that may interfere with observational assessments/ability to engage in assessment process.
  • Person’s BMI is above 15.
  • Person’s IQ is more than 70 meaning that he/she does not have a moderate or severe learning disability.
  • Person does not have dementia and is not going through the diagnostic process for dementia.
  • Person has given fully informed consent as indicated below.

If you are at all unsure about whether the individual would meet the above criteria, please contact us, using the contact details below.

Information to include with the referral form

  • AQ10 for autism referrals
  • Wender Utar screen for ADHD referrals
  • Any recent psychiatric assessments and risk assessments
  • Evidence of other previous mental health/neurodevelopmental diagnosis if on file
  • Any childhood mental health reports you may have on file i.e. reports from CAMHS
  • Evidence of any medical diagnosis, brain injuries or medication that may impact on cognition or behaviour
  • Any known information about any forensic history

It is important that you fill in all areas of the referral form and indicate the reasons why you think your patient may meet criteria for an Autism Spectrum Disorder or ADHD.

Please note any incomplete referrals will be returned for further information.

The contact details for the service:

North Yorkshire Autism & ADHD Assessment Service
c/o The Retreat
107 Heslington Road
York YO10 5BN
Tel: 01904 412551 ext 2015

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