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Rapid Access Chest Pains Clinic – Information for GPs

Referral Criteria/Commissioning position

The aim of the Rapid Access Chest Pain Service is to enable patients with symptoms consistent with recent onset angina (within the last 4 weeks) to be seen within 2 weeks of referral.

All referrals must include a recent ECG and it is expected that bloods including FBC, Cholesterol and U&Es will be requested by the GP at the time of referral.

The service is a consultant led Monday to Friday service.  Referrals are to be sent electronically using the RSS pro-forma.

Appointments will be arranged directly with the patient via phone and confirmed by a letter.  It is therefore imperative that the patient’s contact number is included in the referral.

Patients with known IHD under follow up and those with suspected Acute Coronary Syndromes should not be referred to this service.

Patients with symptoms of longer duration in whom investigation for possible IHD as a cause is required should be referred to Cardiology but not RACP.

The appointment at RACP will not include an exercise test; further testing, if required will be arranged following the initial consultation.

 Investigations prior to referral

  • Recent ECG
  • Bloods – FBC, Cholesterol and U&Es should be requested by the GP at the time of referral.

Inclusion criteria

Patients with recent (<4 weeks) onset symptoms thought to represent angina

Exclusion criteria

  • Patients suspected of having acute MI or unstable angina
  • Patients under cardiology follow up (if required refer to their consultant cardiologist)
  • Temporary residents
  • <30 years should generally not be referred
  • Complex patients with associated valve disease, heart failure, severe COPD or other significant co-existent illness should generally not be referred
  • Patients in whom prognostic treatment is not relevant
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