Public events

November 2017 - Keeping our local NHS sustainable

In November 2017, NHS Scarborough and Ryedale Clinical Commissioning Group staged two public meetings in Malton and Scarborough, where we asked patients: "What changes to services and prescribing policy might be acceptable to help keep our local NHS sustainable”?

We shared details of the difficulties facing the local health economy with residents – along with options to help meet our financial challenges. There's more information in the media release we issued in advance of the meetings.

You can download the presentation we gave to residents, here and see a summary of the feedback we received.

It's worth emphasising that we do not consider the events in Malton and Scarborough to be formal public consultation, but more of a "conversation starter"; an attempt to have an open and transparent discussion with residents about the financial challenges we face and some possible options for addressing them.

In our view, while we acknowledge they sometimes throw up more questions than answers, they’re invaluable in terms of keeping people informed and painting a picture of the local health economy.