Our strategy

Our Communications and Engagement

This document sets out how we communicate and engage with patients and partners. It contains our aims and objectives over the next three years, as well as some of our priorities.


  • Uphold our commitment to “no decision about me, without me”
  • Listen and take patient  experiences into account when we are developing local healthcare services.
  • Communicate to ensure our staff, partners and patients are kept informed, with  access to information people need, when they need it
  • Recognise potential barriers to communication and  engagement and be open and accessible to all of our  community

Our Objectives

Our objectives are:

  • To use patient and  community perspectives and experiences to improve the quality of our commissioning and improve health outcomes
  • To build confidence in the  organisations and raise awareness and  understanding of the CCG, its role and the challenges it  faces
  • To build excellent  relationships with patients and our partners