NHS 70

The National Health Service turned 70 on 5 July 2018. It was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the achievements of one of the nation’s most loved institutions, to appreciate the vital role the service plays in our lives, and to recognise and thank the extraordinary NHS staff, the everyday heroes who are there to guide, support and care for us, day in, day out. At the NHS Scarborough and Ryedale CCG Annual General Meeting on 27 June 2018 we celebrated NHS 70 through a showcase of archive materials and presentations covering a range of milestones across the NHS over the last 70 years. You can find below the presentations that were used in these showcases as well as the presentation used within the formal meeting itself.

How hospitals have progressed  in the NHS presentation

How prevention has progressed in the NHS presentation

How mental health has progressed  in the NHS presentation

Annual General Meeting formal presentation