Claiming transport costs for accessing health services

There are two types of transport support available to help you get to your hospital or clinic appointment.

The Patient Transport Service (PTS) is a free service provided to and from hospital appointments for patients with a medical need for transport.

The Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS) is for patients who do not qualify for PTS, but who may be able to claim a refund for reasonable travel costs to appointments if they are on low incomes, or are in receipt of qualifying benefits.

Further details on both schemes are below.

Patient Transport Service (PTS)

Scarborough & Ryedale CCG continues to provide a non-emergency Patient Transport Service for suitable patients referred for consultations, treatment or procedures provided within the hospital or community setting.

PTS is typically available for non-urgent and planned appointments, excluding GP and dental appointments. Patients are eligible for PTS transport if:

  • their medical condition requires the skills or support of PTS staff throughout their journey
  • the condition of the patient’s health might suffer if they were to travel by other means
  • their medical condition affects their ability to access healthcare without PTS

Patients who believe they are suitable for PTS and need transport should call 0300 330 2000 as soon as they receive an appointment.

Further information about PTS can be found in this information booklet.

Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS)

Patients who do not qualify for PTS may be able to claim a refund for travel costs under the HTCS. This covers reasonable costs of travelling to hospital or other NHS premises for NHS-funded treatment or diagnostic tests arranged by a doctor or dentist. To be eligible, the patient must be on a low income or in receipt of qualifying benefits; and be unable to get a friend or relative to take them.

Further details can be found on the NHS England website.

As a general rule your reimbursement should be made by the hospital where you have attended for treatment. However, where this is not possible, an HC5 form should be completed and sent together with your travel receipts to:

NHS Business Services Authority, Bridge House, 152 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 6SN.

You can make a postal claim up to three months after your appointment has taken place.

What we will pay

You may claim for the travel costs of one helper to come with you, if this is considered medically necessary. The relevant section of the HTCS claim form must be completed by a member of medical staff.

Public transport

You may claim for the cheapest form of public transport available, including concessionary and promotional fares.

Private car

You may claim a locally agreed mileage rate of 15p per mile to and from your home address (determined by Google Maps) plus parking charges. You may not claim for any penalty notices.


As a rule taxis fares are not refunded but are paid at private car rates (as above). Patients are assessed on an individual basis.