Policies and Standard Operating Procedures

Corporate, Communications and Engagement Policies



Anti Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Policy February 2018
Business Conduct Policy November 2018
Claims Management Policy January 2015

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Declarations of Interests Form

Gifts and Hospitality Declaration Form

February 2018
Emergency Preparedness, Resilience & Response Policy November 2016
Fire Safety Policy January 2014
Freedom of Information Request Policy October 2016
Health and Safety Policy February 2018
Manual Handling Policy February 2018
Media Protocol March 2017
Patient and Public Involvement Reimbursement of Expenses Policy January 2015
Policy and Guidance for Joint Working and Commercial Sponsorship with the Pharmaceutical Industry January 2014
Policy for the Receipt and Management of Petitions July 2017
Policy Framework Document September 2013
Primary Care Rebate Scheme Policy November 2017
Procurement Policy April 2015
Security Management Policy March 2016
Slips Trips and Falls Policy February 2018

HR Policies



Annual Leave Policy

Request to Carry Forward Annual Leave Form

March 2018
Apprenticeship Policy March 2018
Bullying and Harassment Policy March 2018

Career Break Policy

Career Break Application Form

Career Break Financial Agreement

March 2018
Change Management Policy March 2018

Disciplinary Policy

Confirmation of Suspension Letter Template

Request Attendance at Disciplinary Hearing Letter Template

Outcome of Disciplinary Hearing Letter Template

March 2018
Dress Code Policy September 2014
Equality and Diversity Policy June 2015

Flexible Working and Flexi Time Policy

Application for Flexible Working Form

Template Letter - Acknowledge Receipt of Felxible Working Pattern

Template Letter - Confirming Outcome of Flexible Working Application

Template Letter - Confirming Outcome of Trial Period

Template Letter - Confirming Unable to Continue Flexible Working

March 2018

Grievance Policy

Notification of Grievance Form

Grievance Tracking Form

Management Statement of Case - Guidance and Form

Template Letter - Grievance Hearing - Stage Two

Template Letter - Outcome of Grievance Hearing - Stage Two

Template Letter - Grievance Hearing - Stage Three

Template Letter - Outcome of Grievance Hearing - Stage Three

February 2014

Induction and Probationary Periods Policy

Probationary Periods – Review Documentation

Standard Letter - Review Meeting

Standard Letter – Successful Outcome

Standard letter – Extension of Probationary Period

Standard letter – Unsuccessful Outcome

June 2014

Learning and Development Policy

Study Leave Application

Application for Training Funding

May 2018
Lease Car Policy October 2017
Lone Working Policy February 2015

Management of Attendance Policy

December 2016
Managing Allegations Against Staff Policy December 2016

Maternity, Maternity Support (Paternity), Adoption & Parental Leave

Maternity Leave Template Pack

Matternity Support (Paternity) Leave Template Pack

Parental Leave Template Pack

Adoption Leave Template Pack

May 2018

Managing Performance at Work Policy

Template Letter - Invite to Stage 1

Template Letter - Outcome of Review Stage 1

Template Letter - Invite to Stage 2

Template Letter - Outcome of Review Stage 2

Template Letter - Invite to Stage 3

Template Letter - Outcome of Review Stage 3

March 2018
Managing Stress in the Workplace Policy November 2015
Objective Setting & Review Policy August 2014
On Call Policy January 2016
Other Leave Policy December 2014
Pay Protection Policy July 2014
Professional Registration Policy February 2014
Recruitment and Selection Policy July 2014
Recruiting Ex-Offenders Policy September 2014
Recruitment & Retention Premia Policy September 2014

Retirement Policy

Retire and Return Request Form

January 2017
Re-location Assistance Policy January 2015
Remote Access and Home Working Policy August 2014

Secondment Policy

Application Form for Secondment Opportunity

January 2018
Staff Redeployment Policy September 2015

Starting Salaries Policy
Determination of Previous Service Template
Determination of Previous Salary Template

September 2014
Statutory and Mandatory Training Policy April 2018
Substance Misuse Policy December 2014
Temporary Promotion Policy September 2014
Travel and Expenses Policy August 2015
Whistleblowing Policy April 17
Working Time Regulations Policy February 2015

Information Governance, IT, Security & Compliance Policies



Acceptable Computer Use Policy November 2017

Business Continuity Plan Framework and Action Plan

Business Continuity Impact Analysis

February 2018
Confidentiality Audit Policy November 2017
Confidentiality Code of Conduct Policy November 2017
Corporate Records Management Standards and Procedural Guidance Novemebr 2017
Date Protection and Confidentiality Policy November 2017
Email Use Policy November 2017
Information Security Policy November 2017
Mobile Working Policy Guidelines November 2017
Safe Haven Policy November 2017
Subject Access Request Policy November 2017

Quality, Performance and Safeguarding Policies



Access to Infertility Treatment April 2016

Allegations of Abuse or Neglect of a Child against an Employee


May 2016
Individual Funding Request Policy and Procedures August 2018
Mental Capacity Act (2005) Policy April 2013
Mental Capacity Act Procedure (DOL) March 2009
Complaints Policy and Procedures August 2018
Safeguarding Adults Policy June 2016
Safeguarding Children Policy April 2016
Safe haven Policy February 2014
Serious Incidents Policy June 2018

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedure


Privacy Impact Assessment - Procedure

Privacy Impact Assessment - Form

June 2017