Community services - how your feedback is influencing decisions

We are currently exploring how services provided outside of hospital, known as community services, can work better to improve patients’ experience and respond to growing demand for care. 

We often seek the views of people who access community services so we can then go on to make informed decisions.

What are community services?

Community services cover a broad range of services that are provided outside of hospital, in community venues such as community hospitals, health centres or in peoples’ homes.

The services we are reviewing include:

  • District Nursing Service which provides care to patients in their own home or in a community setting outside of hospital
  • Community rehabilitation which includes things like physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • Specialist nursing which provide care for patients with specific conditions such as diabetes, respiratory disease and heart disease
  • Fast response teams who provide urgent health care to prevent patients needing to go to hospital
  • Podiatry services which provide specialist foot care in the community 

Why are community services being reviewed?

When a contract is due for renewal, we have an opportunity to review the service being provided and make improvements. We do this by asking for people’s feedback about the care they have received and we use this to develop a specification for the new service. Potential providers of healthcare can then submit proposals which say how they would provide a service which will meet the needs of patients.

Also due to increased demand for care, particularly due to an ageing population and people living with long term conditions, it is essential that we explore options for how services can be provided differently. 

When people share their views, it helps us ensure patients receive the best possible care and treatment in the future.

What do we want to achieve by reviewing community services?

By reviewing community services we hope to improve patient care by:

  • Ensuring patients receive the care they need in the most appropriate setting
  • Ensuring patients are discharged as quickly as possible from hospital, when safe to do so
  • Exploring ways for health and social care to work more closely together, reducing duplication
  • Helping patients to navigate the system more easily, without having to speak to lots of different people

How we will use feedback

Feedback we've received remains completely anonymous and is reflective of the service – not the healthcare professional that provided the care.

We will then identify common themes which will be used as a basis for developing services in the future. A report of the feedback will made available.