Our Governing Body

Our Governing Body comprises a number of local GPs, clinicians, health professionals and lay members.

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The CCG's Register of Declarations of Interest, which includes the Governing Body members, is available to view on the Publications Page.

Dr Phil Garnett

Chair, April 2013 – present

Phil has worked for 5 years in secondary care with a focus on paediatrics attaining DCH and MRCP. He spent 39 years as a GP and took the lead in fund holding.  He has previously been PCG chair, PCT PEC chair, PbC chair, GP trainer for 25 years and Hospice Trustee and Board member for 27 years.

Simon Cox

Chief Officer, April 2013 – present

Simon Cox has worked in the NHS for over 24 years. Initially he worked as an Operating Department Practitioner in the operating theatres at Leeds General Infirmary.  Simon moved into NHS management, firstly as a theatre manager, before developing into broader general management.

Richard Mellor

Chief Finance Officer, February 2014 – Present

Richard joined the NHS in 1991 on the Finance Management Training Scheme.  He is a qualified accountant and has worked with a number of Acute Trusts.  Richard was the Deputy Director of Finance at Scarborough Hospital from 2008 and acted as Director between August 2009 and July 2010.  He later transferred to York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust following their acquisition of Scarborough Hospital.  Richard was appointed as Chief Finance Officer for our CCG in February 2014

Dr Peter Billingsley

Associate Member – 2013/14
GP Member – April 2014 to April 2017
Associate Chair – April 2017 – Present

Lead for mental health.
GP on the Board Committee for Performance

Peter has lived in Scarborough for 20 years. It is his hometown and he is a stakeholder in its future.  He has an in depth knowledge of local care provision, where it excels and where it falls short

Dr Greg Black

GP Member – April 2013 – Present

Lead for prescribing, Cardiovascular disease and ENT.
Chair of Business Committee and GP on Board Committee for Finance and Contracting

Greg has been working as a GP in Practice in Ryedale for 17 years.  He moved to Yorkshire in 1995 and completed GP training in Scarborough and York. He spent two years working as a locum in North Yorkshire before taking a partnership in practice.

Dr Kath Halloran

GP – April 2013 – present

Lead for Care of the Elderly

Kath trained in general practice in Leicester and Newcastle upon Tyne and worked as senior partner in South Cliff from 1993 - 2015.  She was involved in the Practice-based Commissioning Group before Clinical Commissioning Group development

Dr Omnia Hefni

GP Member – April 2014 – Present
GP Associate Member – 2013/14

Lead for secondary care. GP on Board Committee for Quality

Omnia started her career in General Practice in Lincoln in 2004 where she trained as a GP registrar.  She has had involvement within the management aspect of Primary Care as well as involvement in undergraduate teaching for medical students. Omnia has a special interest in diabetes, family planning and sexual health

Dr Christopher Ives


GP Member – April 2017 - Present

Lead for Paediatrics, Respiratory Medicine, Diabetes, Maternity.
GP on the Board Committee for Patient Engagement and Communications

Chris graduated from Hull York Medical School (HYMS) and has remained mainly in the area working in various specialities. He has spent time as a tutor at HYMS before then becoming a local Ryedale GP. He has gained a good range of experience of how the local health system works and how best we can provide care for patients who live in the area. He has interests in many aspects of medicine including both respiratory medicine and palliative care.

Carolyn Liddle

Primary Care Manager – April 2013 – Present

Practice Manager on Board Committee for Finance and Contracting and Board Committee for Patient Engagement and Communications.

Carolyn had experience in various aspects of business particularly in  Accountancy and IM&T before joining the Health Service.  She has been a Practice Manager for 20 years covering all aspects of management within a healthcare setting.  Prior to joining the CCG as a Governing Body member Carolyn was a member of the  local Practice Based Commissioning Committee for several years.  She gained a 1st class Business and Management Degree in 2003.

Andrew Hudson

Lay Member – April 2013 – Present

Patient and Public Engagement

An Environmental Health Officer by profession, Andy was previously Assistant Director for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety at the City of York Council. Holding a Law degree and an MBA, he is passionate about protecting citizens’ rights. Formerly Chief Executive of the Scarborough Citizens Advice Bureau, he is now Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Carrie Wollerton

Executive Nurse – April 2013 – Present

Responsible for Service Development, Quality and Performance

Carrie is a registered nurse with a community nursing qualification and an MSc in Health Services Research.  She started her career as a District Nurse, and has worked for several years as a health service commissioner, and more recently for the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. She  has particular interests in safeguarding, and in the development of community services.

Philip Hewitson

Lay Member – April 2013 – Present

Chair of Audit and Governance Committee

Philip is a graduate in Economics and trained as a Chartered Accountant before joining the NHS. He held a succession of finance posts and then various health chief executive posts in Yorkshire.  More recently as a consultant, he worked with health and local authority teams and the pharmaceutical industry on organisational and community strategies and change management

Kenneth Readshaw

Lay Member - October 2016 – Present

Vice Chair of Primary Care Co-Commissioning Committee

Ken is a chartered accountant who trained with KPMG. He then moved into industry and has considerable experience of the chemical and power generation sectors, both in the UK and abroad. He has been Chair of the Governing Body of The Wensleydale School and Sixth Form for six years and is passionate about helping to provide communities with the best possible public services.

Ken is married with three children, all born and bred in North Yorkshire, and works with the CCG and the local community to improve health services.

Dr Ian Woods

GP Member – April 2016- Present

Secondary Care

Ian qualified in Medicine in 1979, and after specialist training became a Consultant Anaesthetist in 1988. His special interests included Intensive Care and also Patient Safety - he became the Specialty Advisor at the National Patient Safety Agency. During the latter part of his clinical career he was Medical Director of a Foundation Trust for 4 years, and now at the CCG sits on the Audit Committee in addition to the Governing Body. Ian lives with his family in North Yorkshire, and enjoys walking and photography.


Dr Jenni Lawrence

Macmillan GP – April 2015 to present
Associate GP – April 2017- Present

Jenni has been working in Scarborough since 2002. She works as both an in hours and out of hours GP as well as working for Saint Catherine’s hospice. She has worked at SRCCG since April 2015 as the Macmillan GP Lead and is involved in projects to do with cancer care across the Yorkshire and Humber area.  Since April 2015 she has also expanded her portfolio into Learning Disability and End of Life Care.